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8 Lash Extension Myths Debunked

Lash extensions are one of the most effective and popular ways to achieve the lashes of your dreams and add some character to your eyes. Long, floaty lashes are a sought-after feature, and lash extensions make them more accessible and achievable for those who weren’t naturally born with them. However, like any treatment, myths and misinformation can always surface, and they can prove to be very misleading. It’s important you know the real truth behind this treatment, especially if you’re considering it for yourself, so it’s time to debunk and correct some common lash extension myths.

1. Lash extensions will damage your natural lashes

The first, and certainly most common myth when it comes to lash extensions is the idea that they will damage your natural lashes. Like any process or treatment, there is the chance that a poorly applied set of extensions could cause damage to your lashes, but this is the exception, not the rule. In fact, as long as you’re visiting a professional with the correct application techniques, there’s no additional damage to your lashes, and they follow their natural cycle. Often, when wearing lash extensions, you become more aware of your lash fallout, as you’re more conscious of your lashes in general, and they’re also easier to see when they fall out, as they’re darker, thicker, and longer. However, every eyelash falls out after six weeks, naturally, and the application of lash extensions doesn’t change this at all.

2. The application is painful and uncomfortable

Whether it’s because lash extensions are applied around the eyes, a sensitive part of the body, or because they look like they’d be painful, it’s not exactly clear where the idea that the application process is painful actually came from. However, all that matters is that, as long as your lash technician is applying the extensions safely and properly, the process isn’t painful at all, and many people even take naps during their appointments.

3. Your natural lashes will be shorter and weaker than they were before

Similar to the idea of lash extensions damaging your lashes, many people believe the misconception that your natural lashes will be weaker and shorter after extensions than they were beforehand. The truth behind this is that you will become used to your lashes looking thick, full and long every time you look in the mirror, and so it’s easy to forget how they looked before, making them seem shorter once the extensions are removed, but this isn’t really the case.

4. You can’t have eyelash extensions all the time

Coming back to the idea of your lashes suffering damage as result of the extensions once again, another myth is that it’s unhealthy to have extensions on all the time. While this makes sense if the extensions were to damage your natural lashes, to allow them to ‘rest’, this isn’t the case, and so you can wear extensions as much as you like. Not to mention, your natural lashes still continue to follow their natural growth cycle, even with extensions, so there’s nothing to say you can’t wear lash extensions as often as you’d like.

5. They require no maintenance

Of course, it’s a well-known fact that lash extensions can cut down your morning routine by cancelling the need to apply mascara or curl your lashes, and even apply false lashes each morning, but they do still require some maintenance. It’s best to check with your individual lash tech on what maintenance your lashes require specifically, but it’s good to know in advance that some simple upkeep is required if you want to keep your lashes looking full, enviable, and fluffy.

6. All lash extensions (and lash techs) are created equally

Arguably one of the most damaging myths of all, the belief that every lash extension is created equally can lead to lots of problems when it comes to maintaining them, wearing them and more. While all lash extensions can look similar from the outside, it’s important to keep in mind that, in actual fact, every brand of lashes boasts their own advantages and vary in quality. This can affect your maintenance (for example, you may believe your lashes are oil-proof as a certain brand are, but yours, in fact, aren’t, and you end up damaging them).

For this reason, it’s wise to ask your lash tech about the specific lashes and ask them about the upkeep for your extensions in particular. The same goes for lash technicians, and this can be a little tricky to work out, as there aren’t any specific qualifications required for someone to become a full-time lash tech. so, make sure to check out their experience level and check out their previous work, as well as asking friends for recommendations.

7. They always look fake

As we already mentioned, all lashes are created equally, and they can vary in quality. This means that some extensions can be made from delicate fibres that are so natural-looking you can’t even tell the difference from your natural set. However, it also means you could come across a set of extensions that look very fake and unnatural. This is why it’s important to find high-quality extensions, as well as finding a suitable lash tech who understands the style you’re looking for.

While some people are into the thick, full, and long lashes look, others believe it looks a little too ‘fake’ and prefer something natural. Your technician should understand this and be able to curate a set of extensions that look natural, if that’s the style you’re going for.

8. You can remove them yourself

Another potential damaging idea is that you are able to remove lash extensions yourself, at home. Whether it’s by picking at them or pulling them off your natural lashes, you should never attempt to remove your extensions by yourself, as this is where they really do become damaging to your natural lashes.

The salon you had your extensions applied should also provide a service for removing them, as this is part of the entire upkeep and maintenance process. If not, this is obviously a sign that perhaps it’s not the best location to choose.


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